75  Most Influential Filipinoos in America

Here are the 75 Most Influential Filipino-Americans of 2021:

1. Olivia Quido-Co (Philanthropist, Official Skincare of Miss Universe/Miss USA)

2. Olivia Rodrigo (Teen Superstar/Billboard Top Recording Artist)

3. H.E.R. (Oscar & Grammy Winning Recording Artist)

4. Dante Basco (Anti-Asian Hate Advocate/Veteran Hollywood Actor)

5. Reggie Lee (Anti-Asian Hate Advocate/Hollywood Primetime Actor on All Rise/Sweet Girl).

6. Bruno Mars (Grammy Winning Recording Artist/Philanthropist)

7. Marc Anthony Nicolas (2-Time Emmy Winner of The Talk/Consulting Producer of The Kelly Clarkson Show).

8. Darren Criss (Emmy & Golden Globe Winning Actor/Musician/Recording Artist)

9. Augie Max Vargas (Emmy Winning Producer/Associate Director of First Human Flight)

10. Vallerie Castillo Archer (Hollywood’s Yamashiro First Woman Head Chef)

11. Jhett Tolentino (3-Time Tony & Grammy-Winning Producer/Director of Asian Persuasion)

12. Apl De Ap (Grammy-winning recording artist of The Black Eyed Peas/Philanthropist

13. Elton Lugay (Pioneer of TOFA-The Outstanding Filipinos in America)

14. Manny Jacinto (Actor-Nine Perfect Strangers)

15. Rey Cuerdo (Producer of Yellow Rose)

16. Dean Devlin (Hollywood Producer)

17. Lou Diamond Philipps (Actor/Representation Matters)

18. Joey Galon (Fashion Designer/Event Organizer/Philanthropist)

19. Bong Monsanto (Hollywood Designer/Philanthropist)

20. Janet & Ruben Nepales (Award-winning Hollywood Journalists)

21. Rob Bonta (California’s Attorney General/Philanthropist)

22. Jason Lustina (Pioneer of SoCal Filipinos)

23. Donita Rose (Celebrity Chef/Women Empowerment)

24. Rasmin Diaz (Writer/Philanthropist/Recording Artist)

25. Jessy Daing & Jcas (Host of Over a Glass or Two/Philanthropists)

26. Saweetie (Recording Artist)

27. Martin Nievera (Concert King)

28. Lea Salonga (Broadway Star/Tony Winner)

29. Diane Paragas (Award-winning Director)

30. Sonia Delen (President of Filipino Food Movement)

31. Keesa Ocampo (Emmy Winner/FFM)

32. Eva Noblezada (Tony & Grammy Winner)

33. Patrick Starr (Influencer/Celebrity Make-Up Artist)

34. SIPA (Search to Involve Pilipino Americans)

35. Jon Jon Briones (Award-winning Actor/Ratched)

36. Vanessa Minnillo-Lachey (Actress from NCIS Hawaii/Host/Philanthropist)

37. Kian Talan (Actor from NCIS Hawaii)

38. Ian De Borja (IMDB Writer/Editor/Host)

39. Dr. Eileen Macam-Manalo (Medical Aesthetics)

40. Pen De Leon Manahan aka Ms. M (Concert Producer/Publisher of Spotlight Media Magazine)

41. Dr. Tess (America’s Favorite Dermatologist)

42. Richard & Imee Maghanoy (Entrepreneur/Med Spa Owner)

43. Kat Inaba (Spotlight TV Host/Producer)

44. Lisa Lew (4-Time Emmy Winner)

45. Thomas Orlina (Content Creator/Recording Artist/Philanthropist)

46. Jocelyn Enriquez (International Recording Artist/Songwriter)

47. Ted Benito (APL De Ap Foundation/Concert Producer/Philanthropist)

48. Ronnie Del Carmen (Oscar-Nominated Director of Inside Out)

49. Guillermo Amok (Journalist/Activist)

50. Sthanlee Mirador (Hollywood Photographer)

51. Filbert Kung (Hollywood Photographer)

52. Rane Rose (Entrepreneur/Publisher)

53. Clint Ramos (Tony Winner)

54. Liza Soberano (Actress/Model/Philanthropist)

55. Tia Carrere (Actress/Dancer/Grammy Winner)

56. Ruby Ibarra (Recording Artist)

57. The Basco Brothers (Actors)

58. Sonia Bermejo (Manila-Up Publisher)

59. John Singson (Entrepreneur/Philanthropist)

60. Faith Bautista (Community Leader/Entrepreneur)

61. Angela Perez Baraquio-Grey (Miss America 2021/Character Education Advocate)

62. Reagan John Rada (Entrepreneur/Philanthropist)

63. Luis Pedron (Pioneer of IFFM)

64. Ron Quesada (Kulintronica)

65. Fritz Friedman (Publicity/Producer)

66. Ranella Ferrer (U.S. National Anthem Singer/Reality TV Star/Host/Philanthropist)

67. Garth Garcia (Award-winning International Recording Artist/Entrepreneur)

68. Mutch Carino (Spotlight TV/Entrepreneur/Philanthropist)

69. G Tongi (Executive Director Fil-Am Arts)

70. Loida Lewis (Community Leader/Philanthropist)

71. RC Caylan (Hollywood Fashion Designer)

72. Jordan Andino (Celebrity Chef)

73. Tamlyn Tomita (Actress from Cobra Kai)

74. Cher Calvin (Emmy Winning Anchor)

75. Thelma Calabio (Founder of Fil-Am Press Club of California

This year’s 75 Most Influential Filipino-Americans are the following:

1. Ruben V. Nepales (Executive Producers of Golden Globe Awards 2020/Executive Secretary of Hollywood Foreign Press Association/Philanthropist)

2. Janet Nepales (Executive Producer of Golden Globe Awards 2020/ Treasurer of Hollywood Foreign Press Association)

3. Fritz Friedman (Sony Pictures Consultant/Veteran Publicist)

4. Marc Anthony Nicolas (2-Time Emmy Award-Winning Producer of The Talk)

5. Lisa Lew (4-Time Emmy Award-Winner)

6. Jhett Tolentino (3 Time Tony Winner & Grammy award-winning producer)

7. Robert Lopez (EGOT Awardee)

8. Bruno Mars (Grammy Award Winner)

9. Hailee Steinfield (Oscar Nominated Actress)

10. Lea Salonga (Tony Winner & Grammy Nominated Recording Artist)

11. Apl De Ap (Grammy Award Winner of Black Eyed Peas)

12. Darren Criss (Emmy & Golden Globe Winner)

13. H.E.R. (Grammy Award Winner)


14. Chad Hugo of the Neptunes (Grammy Award Winner)

15. Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls/Grammy Nominated Recording Artist)

16. Olivia Quido-Co (Olivia Quido Skincare, Official Skincare of the 68th Miss Universe)

17. Vanessa Hudgens (Hollywood Actress/Recording Artist/Philanthropist)

18. Melissa Dela Cruz (Award-Winning Author)

19. Angela Perez Baraquio-Grey (Miss America 2001/School Principal/Philanthropist)

20. Dr. Tess Mauricio (America’s Favorite Dermatologist)

21. Dado Banatao (Enterpreneur/Philanthropist)

22. Keesa Ocampo (Emmy Winner/Public Relations)

23. Elton Lugay (TOFA Pioneer)

24. Loida Lewis (Businesswoman/Philanthropist)

25. Jon Jon Briones (Hollywood Actor)

26. Eva Noblezada (Tony Award Nominee/West-End Star)

27. Filbert Kung (Hollywood Photographer)

28. JRey Soul (New Member of Black Eyed Peas)

29. Jokoy (Comedian)

30. Augie Vargas (Emmy Primetime Producer)

31. Janelle So (TV Host/Producer)

32. Oliver Tolentino (Fashion Designer/Philanthropist)

33. Joey Galon (Fashion Designer/Philanthropist)

34. Kenneth Barlis (Fashion Designer/Philanthropist)

35. Puey Quinones (Fashion Designer/Philanthropist)

36. Luis Pedron (Film Festival Director of IFFFM)

37. Allona Santiago (Front Liner/ U.S X-Factor Finalist)

38. Sthanlee Mirador (Hollywood Photographer)

39. Alain Uy (Hollywood Actor)

40. Michael Galante (Hollywood Actor)

41. Dante Basco (Hollywood Actor)

42. AJ Rafael (Youtube Superstar)

43. Princess Punzalan (Actress/Front-liner)

44. Thomas Orlina (Host/Producer/Songwriter)

45. Ranella Ferrer (NBA U.S. Anthem Singer)

46. Edwin A. Santos (Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce Hollywood/Actor/Producer)

47. Pen De Leon Manahan aka Ms. M (Publisher/Philanthropist)

48. Fleur Magbanua (Frontliner/COVID-19 Survivor)

49. Yong Chavez (Hollywood TV Reporter)

50. Steve Angeles (TV Reporter/Emmy Winner)

51. Cher Calvin (TV Anchor/Emmy Winner)

52. Bobby Rubio (Film Maker of Float, First Animated Filipino Short-Film)

53. Allen Basalaje (TV Reporter/Producer/Eagle News America)

54. DJ QBert (Turntablist)

55. Emil Guillermo (Print/Broadcast Journalist)

56. Jose Antonio Vargas (Author, Pulitzer Prize Awardee)

57. Mutch Carino (Producer/Fil-Am Community Service)

58. Diane Paragas (Award-winning Director of Yellow Rose)

59. Melody Garcia (Motivational Speaker/Philanthropist)

60. Isabel Sandoval (Film Maker)

61. Samantha Lomibao (TV Reporter)

62. Elaine Quijano (TV Reporter)

63. Dr. Ryan Fillmore (Neurologist/Clinical Instructor/Front Liner)

64. Don Tagala (TV Reporter/Producer)

65. Kirsten Regalado (Fashion Designer)

66. Reggie Lee (Hollywood Actor)

67. Eric Spoelstra (NBA Coach)

68. Dean Devlin (Hollywood Producer)

69. (SIPA) Search to Involve Pilipino Americans

70. Grace Moss (NBC Talent Development & Inclusion)

71. Cheryl Burke (Pro Dancer- DWTS)

72. Ella Basco (Hollywood Teen Star)

73. Ryan Letada (CEO of Next Day Better, Modern Filipino Storyteller)

74. Kulintronica aka Ron Quesada

75. (FANHS) Filipino American National Historical Society

Filipino-American History Month 2020 is honoring Pinoy activism in American society.